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Solange Skinny Bangle Sets - Bracelets - Voz Collective

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Voz Collective - Voz Classics - Solange Skinny Bangle Sets - Bracelets

Our Spring skinny bangle set is inspired the funk's stylish and charismatic it-girl, Solange. The Solange set has been painted with bands of color in Neon Red, Gold, and Emerald Green, punctuated with chevron accents.

Measures ¼" in height: 2¼" inside diameter

The bangles are made from re-purposed wood. We have furniture makers who turn their scraps at the end of the day make the bangles for us. They are usually made from alder wood but it can vary since they are from various projects.

Voz Collective is two sisters, Jackie and Lauren, combining Jackie’s obsession with color and Lauren’s love of photography. Jackie is a mojito sipping, political waxing and waning, old school hip hop loving, spray painting maker of many things. While Lauren is a beer consuming, Tombstone watching, concert going, sports obsessed photographer. Together we are a line of bold wood jewelry, dreamy photography prints and a range of photography/design services for small businesses and like-minded vendors.