Savidge - Head West Ladies Tee Eco

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Savidge - Head West Ladies Tee Eco

-Organic Cotton 

Inspired by Volkswagen Buses, the idea of the West as a land of adventure, the casualness & carefree culture of road trip lifestyle, and a longing for a time when life was much simpler.

MILES BEYOND ORDINARY Here's a look at the organizations we partner up with. All of our designs are inspired and give back to one of these organizations.
Explore, Get Outside - plants a tree with every purchase
Explore Wild Seas, Ahoy, Ship on Sea - implements water filters in other countries to be able to drink water
Savidge Logo, Savidge Explorer's Logo, Roam Often- sponsors people with disabilities to go on adventures
Road Trip, Uncharted Path, Drink the Wild Air - helps support and protect national parks
Coffee N' Mountains, Camping N' Stuff- sustainable homes for homeless to live in
Head West, Take it Easy - provide bicycles to communities that have to travel far to get water and food
Whale, Bison - donates to WWF(World Wildlife fund) to protect wildlife
WWF We help protect Whales and Bison through WWF. Both the Bison and Whale Pocket Tees help out these causes.
NATIONAL PARK FOUNDATION We support the National Park Foundation through the following designs: "Uncharted Path, Road Trip
WORLD BICYCLE RELIEF We help provide bicycles for communities that have to travel far to get water and food.
HEIFER We plant a tree for every one of our Explore and Get Outside Tee's that are purchased
DARING ADVENTURES WE sponsor persons with disabilities to go on fun adventures. So they cans see the world too. We do this through our Roam Often and SAVIDGE Designs.
TINY HOUSES FOR HOMELESS We help give tiny homes to the homeless through our Camping N' Stuff and Coffee N' Mountains Designs.

Savidge Apparel is composed of Jake Savage and Connor Davidge. Jake is from DC and Connor is from LA. Cousins and best friends, they have spent time traveling the world together and each have spent time traveling to Central and South America, and Jake has gone all over Eastern Europe as well. After seeing so many impoverished children throughout their travels, they committed themselves to doing what they could to change that. They also loved to surf, skate and snowboard, and wondered if there was a possible way of giving people something they think is awesome, while also making a difference in the world. They have grown up living in a generation more globally minded than ever, but also more consumeristic than ever. Many organizations have given it their all to try to get people to care, and we are in full support of this. These organizations often lack a solid product, and at Savidge, we have the privilege to design a solid product, through doing we love to do. By supporting Savidge from the beginning, you will help them with what they need in order to establish partnerships with orphanages abroad, while also buying something that you really like and will enjoy wearing. We encourage you to look for opportunities where you can do the same.
Walk with us.