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Skunkfunk Redange Shirt 

Organic cotton and recycled polyester blend
multilayered shirt.
V neckline. 3/4 batwing sleeve.
Adjustable strap at waistline. Fake chest pockets.



Mikel Feijoo Elzo, founder of Skunkfunk, started selling t-shirts at music festivals like Doctor Music, Benicasim or Festimad to finance his travels. That’s the beginning of Skunkfunk, a brand born from a groundbreaking idea that has become a reference firm with a unique and urban style. Skunkfunk has a unique, creative and urban style. The collections are in harmony with the latest trends, maintaining always the original touch and committed to sustainability. The brand has evolved over time, but never has lost its characteristic label, the search of a different concept of creating fashion. That’s why our slogan is “Make a difference”.

Recycled Polyester
Plastic bottles melted, spun and woven into fabric. Waste has never looked so good.

Organic Cotton
Cotton without toxic pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified seeds. Pure at its core.