Killapilla - All natural and organic pillow Hand crafted in Australia


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*Killapilla is shipped from Australia and the estimated time for delivery may vary.

Killapilla takes you away to a simpler time when all natural and organic were just how things were.

The Killapilla has been developed by a Chiropractor committed to combining the latest in design technology features with only the purest and most natural materials of the past.  Resulting in the creation of a perfect pillow.  One that is spinally correct, comfortable, safe, healthy, all natural and organic, and kind to the environment.

Our patented Dual Cell Technology design keeps the Killapilla sturdy for spinally correct and supportive sleep while maximizing comfort night after night.

The zippered neck pouch makes customized sleep easy with 4 different sleeping options (see Sleep Options below).

Each Killapilla is locally hand crafted by Australian craftsmen and women showing every attention to detail.

They are skillfully sewn with non-dyed GOTS Certified Organic Cotton fabric.  We are proud to use only the best in all natural and organic cotton fabric for the covering of the pillow and each of its components.

Every Killapilla is gently hand-stuffed with all natural temperature regulating Australian wool and individually hand-packed in plastic free and recycled/recyclable packaging.

Our pillows are manufactured locally, in our home town, furthering our commitment to ensuring that we not only offer the highest quality product but that we minimize our impact on the environment. 


  • Non-Toxic
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric
  • All Natural Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Australian Wool Filling
  • Dual Cell Technology
  • Customizable
  • Spinally Correct
  • Hand Crafted in Australia
  • Plastic Free Packaging
  • Poly Fill Free


Comes with:

  • Killapilla pillow
  • Zippered Pillow Cover (For Added Protection…make sure you use your own pillow slip on top of this)
  • 2 Neck Inserts for customizable sleep – Small and Large
    • o   Sleep Option 1: use no neck insert
    • o   Sleep Option 2: use Small neck insert
    • o   Sleep Option 3: use Large neck insert
    • o   Sleep Option 4: use both Small and Large neck inserts together


At Killa Industries we are excited about the future! 

Starting now we want to revolutionize the way consumers think and shop by providing high quality everyday products that revitalize and support local industry, that are natural, sustainable and ethically produced.

Every Killapilla purchased helps to support:

* organic cotton farmers and their families in India

* the growing organic textile industry

* chemical free, natural, and toxin free living

* Australian wool industry

* Australian garment manufacturing industry

* local Australian families

* fewer pollutants in the environment and landfills

* a Healthier Planet for a Healthier Future!

Our mission is to bring safe and healthy sleep to the entire planet one Killapilla at a time, thus leaving a timeless legacy.

Better sleep, Better life, Healthier planet


Killapilla – The Healthiest Pillow on the Planet


All natural, organic certified, AND spinally correct pillow...the first of its kind. Really, it is the healthiest pillow on the planet!


KP1 - Regular Sized Killapilla set (complete set coming with pillow, 2 inserts, and zippered pillow cover)
KP2 - Large Sized Killapilla set (complete set coming with pillow, 2 inserts, and zippered pillow cover)
*Killapilla was designed to fit into a standard sized pillow slip/case.