Lu Otto

Heart - Lu Otto

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Dreamcatcher  - Lu Otto

Description: Heart is the symbol of love. It is the harmonization of the physical and spiritual. Is the place of feelings. 

  • Signed art, drawn, carved and pressed by hand
  • Hand printed A3 lino print, craft paper
  • Made to order
  • Sold unframed
  • Limited Edition

As this print is hand printed there may be some imperfections, this is the beauty of hand printing, and makes each print individual. 

I am Lu Otto a Brazilian artist, based in Los Angeles. My illustrations are telling stories about my impressions of the world around me. From my cutouts I’d bring to life little pieces of what I’ve once lived and fill them with colors. Written lines surrounding drawings that become alive here, there and everywhere.
Poems, songs, prose. Expressions helping me to realize who I am and to dialogue with who I’ve been. They translate my way of looking through my own existence.
All prints are drawn, carved and pressed by hand.