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​Sustainable Living throughout the Holiday Season

Mother earth is in danger. And there is nothing simple about the procedures and practices we need to implement to move forward. Reading IPCC’s recent report on climate change has put everyone in a slump, and made even the most optimistic activis
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5 Recycled Fashion Finds

Your recycled waste becomes fashion; did you ever think we’d get to such an exciting point in the industry? Growing up in Brazil, a country still struggling to manage its waste, we would have never thought that we could take the plastic bottles found
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Sustainably Styled Summer Getaways

It’s officially summer and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We’re celebrating with our summer solstice giveaway of a $150 gift card! Click here to enter by Thursday June 28!Vegan coconut ice cream, pineapples, surfing, new freckles, long walks on the be
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Soulful Style: Finding your personal style with Alma Boa

Your style is your art and your body is a canvas. It’s how you express yourself. Style can completely shape the mood of your day with splashes of color, bold patterns or structured textiles. Some even think certain items can bring them good fortune o
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