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Two Souls in Search of Good

Living a minimalist lifestyle is something Renata and I aspired to without realizing such a global movement around conscious living was beginning to form. It’s ironic how developing countries seem to highly value consumerism, like we both did while growing up in Brazil. Consumerism was how we communicated as a community, consistently turning our wheels in a linear economy, never pausing to truly take in simple pleasures such as the happiness found within a beautiful landscape, good health for all and social good.

We visited Los Angeles for the first time in 2013, after being invited by good friends of ours. Our first impression of the Los Angeles, Californian lifestyle left us speechless. Daily walks along golden beaches, watching the sunset explode with vibrants hues of pink and orange, jumping in the ocean for a refreshing swim and biking along the boardwalk to and from errands; the simple life, filled with pure, intangible pleasures and goodness was all so traditional and easily attainable for the LA community. In Brazil, you never know where danger could be hiding while trying to enjoy such blissful moments.

When we returned from LA, we immediately started to live a more minimalist lifestyle, ignoring the trends within Brazilian culture. We cut down on mall purchases and expensive nights out, and began to see real clarity. We suddenly seemed happier, more grateful for the few things we did own, and began to truly fall in love with every single day. It was liberating, inspiring and bestowed a new value on life that for so long seemed unattainable. The only issue was, this type of lifestyle wasn’t held in the same regard within our community in Brazil. In a developing country where the economy is a constant, looping roller coaster, we needed to find a way to live out our dream of conscious living, where we could access ethical brands and products, and share this way of life with others. This is when our move to LA became a reality and the dream of Alma Boa came to be. We needed to share what it felt like to have a “good soul”. We wanted to see more people relishing in such a lifestyle where everything you consume positively impacts mother earth and community. After much savings and dedication to our dream of moving to Los Angeles to do just that, change the world through how we consume as a global community, we packed our bags, locked in our Visas and were off to sunny California, with our fur babies, Mandi and Inca, in tow.

September 15, 2017 is now a precious milestone in our journey through conscious living and sharing our values with others, and marks the launch of Alma Boa, our ethical boutique connecting consumers to fashionaccessories and homeware that is sustainably produced, fairly made and that contributes to social purpose initiatives affecting communities close and afar. Now when you need a new t-shirthandbag or sandals, you can have an impact on one or more individuals facing barriers, from fighting the global hunger crisis to empowering rural artisans and sustaining craftsmanship

through your purchase. We’re building a community of conscious and responsible consumers, join us and together, let’s build a better world.

Felipe & Renata