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​Sustainable Living throughout the Holiday Season

Mother earth is in danger. And there is nothing simple about the procedures and practices we need to implement to move forward. 

Reading IPCC’s recent report on climate change has put everyone in a slump, and made even the most optimistic activists stop dead in their tracks. It seems no matter how much we do, we still seem to be moving backwards - especially when learning only a select few corporations are responsible for most of the world’s CO2 emissions.

The holiday season is around the corner and unfortunately a season of overconsumption. This is the time to come together as a community of advocates and educators willing to provide as much support and resources to those in our lives struggling to grasp (or even fathom) sustainable living. 

We have the power to influence, showcase and empower others to live more sustainable lives through how we gift, eliminate waste and approach food and beverage over the season.

But, HOW?

How do you influence others in a positive way over this crazy season?

Focus on simplicity. Showcase to others that every little brush stroke DOES paint at bigger picture.

Give gifts that giveback

Stay far away from the busy malls of the holiday season. Say hello to DIY and upcycled gifts, ethical fashion and products available online sold by local entrepreneurs.

Approach the ethical gift giving with family and friends by starting a Facebook or Whatsapp group. Use it to share resources on where and what to buy over the holiday season that contributes to environmental action and social good. 

Use platforms like Alma Boa, Causeartist, and Good On You to access a variety of brands and discounts over the season. Make it easy, accessible and online so convenience doesn’t become a barrier to sustainable gift giving. 

Hint: our Srey Crop Top provides economic opportunity to women in Maosokneath, Phary, Kheng.

Eliminate Holiday Wastefulness

Americans throw away 25% more trash during the Thanksgiving to New Year's holiday period than any other time of year. That’s an extra 25 million tons of garbage!

Here’s how you can eliminate being part of this percentage:

  • Encourage family to stay away from Christmas cards. Send virtual cards or take the time in person to share your love for others.
  • Step away from traditional gift wrapping and start using recyclable products, like old newspaper and magazine pages.
  • Upcycle or re-gift items for family and friends who will appreciate them.

If conversations around CO2 are a challenge for your community, or something that not everyone understands, shop ethical products and fashion that focus on decreasing CO2 emissions. You’ll easily be able to start a conversation when giving someone something tangible to consider. 

For sweater dress lovers, the Edurne Dress from SKUNKFUNK is a perfect statement making piece. In production, it released 15,11 Kg CO2 eq., a 32% reduction compared to the industry standard of 22,25 Kg CO2 eq.

Indulge in animal-free foods

When putting together your holiday meal plans, suggest options that eliminate the amount of animal product and byproduct being put on the table, and focus on mother earth’s fresh goodness. Meat lovers are always surprised by the thick “meaty” texture that lentils can bring to a dish, or how chickpea and high protein beans can supplement for animal products. Even Bailey’s is going non-dairy with soy and coconut liquor! 

There are so many resources to help make animal-free foods and beverages. Make it convenient for your community to access by sharing your knowledge and resources. Hint: Pinterest!

Be a leader and be the change YOU want to see.