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Soulful Style: Finding your personal style with Alma Boa

Your style is your art and your body is a canvas. It’s how you express yourself. Style can completely shape the mood of your day with splashes of color, bold patterns or structured textiles. Some even think certain items can bring them good fortune or emotional stability. Finding your style can sometimes take your whole lifetime. For others, it can be changed every couple months of so. Regardless of how you style your beautiful soul, we love seeing inspiration come from diverse and beautiful cultures, countries and innovative minds, but hate to see unethical practices behind each beautiful piece you adorn yourself with. Our approach to personal style isn’t just about the simple thoughts that go into your choice for a daily outfit or special occasion; we believe in incorporating ethical values, fair trade and craftsmanship.

We’ve put together a quick 3 step guide to help you with ethical styling that continues to bring goodness to mother earth, empower workers, and gives back to social causes that impact communities around the world. Learn more about what works best for your beautiful canvas, how to wear ethical pieces, and our recommendations from our collections below!

Graphic from: Kenko.do

Finding your Frame

The Rectangle

You’re athletic frame is not particularly curvy but your shoulders and hips are around the same measurement. You have the best arms ever.

The Pear

You are a goddess with a waist bigger than your bust with full hips. You are the Marilyn Monroe of the 2018.

The Apple

Your hips don’t lie and your shoulders match to help with getting your shake on. Tyra Banks is totally your twin.

The Hourglass

You have a well-defined waist and an even bust and hip measurement. You’re literally Beyonce.

Shading your Shadow

The Rectangle

  • Define your figure by focusing on your strengths: those awesome arms! Halter tops, racerbacks, scoop necks and strapless tops are all yours, especially when made from organic cotton and bamboo.
  • Add sparkle and fun to your neckline by utilizing scarves and artisanal statement earrings as emphasis.
  • Using soft organic fabrics that drape help bring more curve to your shape.
  • Your new go to: anything that ties at the waist!
  • Dazzle your frame: add bold prints, ruffles and embellishments at the hips and shoulders.

The Pear

  • It’s a wrap! Your shape loves wrap skirts and dresses. They bring lines to the waist and great lines to your bust.
  • On top, try round, crew, scoop and V necklines made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.
  • Your beautiful frame is all about empire waistlines and tunics - great for hips and thighs!
  • Ethically made cropped pants are your jam!
  • Chunky and layered necklaces sit beautifully on a fuller bust.

The Apple

  • Show us that waistline with empire and drop waist tops and dresses that empower artisans worldwide!
  • On top, you rock almost any neckline.
  • On the bottom, go for A-line skirts and cropped pants.
  • Make a statement with flashy rings and oversized craft earrings, but keep it dainty when bringing emphasis to your neckline.

The Hourglass

  • Stun in any wrap top or dress - they perfectly show off your beautiful lines.
  • Peplum blouses were literally made for you!
  • You have a beautiful natural waist, show it off with cropped and high waisted bottoms.
  • Dazzle with necklaces that hit just below your collarbone

Mindful Matches


Teeki's Mermaid Fairyqueen halter tank made from recycled water bottles

Skunkfunk's Leunda Pants made from recycled polyester

Skunkfunk's Tilde dress made from organic cotton and recycled polyester in Red

Voz Collection's Coretta earrings, a vintage item made with fish wire


Tonlé's zero waste Srey crop top

Skunkfunk's Rasperden Pants made from recycled plastic bottles

Impressed by Nature's Purple Hydrangea necklace made from pressed hydrangea petals 


Skunkfunk's Kiteria shirt made from lyocell, a wood pulp-based textile

Skunkfunk's Minerva dress made from 100% organic cotton

Mashallah's handmade Ring and Crystal Wire Necklace


Air Fitness Black and Print Leggings made from recycled polyester and water bottles

Tonlé's Shift Dress handmade by Cambodian artisans using ethical, zero waste materials

Larissa Loden's Black U Necklace made from vintage and upcycled materials