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Organic Cotton Clothing

The Benefits of Organic Cotton

Have you ever really thought about where your clothes come from? If you, like pretty much everyone, wear garments made from cotton, your clothes started out on a cotton farm. But unless your clothing was made from organic cotton, your outfit may be doing more harm than good — harm that extends to you, the environment, and even the farmers who grow cotton. Luckily, the fix is as easy as making the switch to organic cotton. If you’re wondering exactly why you should buy organic cotton clothing, we’ll break down the benefits of organic cotton for you.

1. It’s Environmentally-Friendly

Here are some numbers for you. Cotton makes up about 3% of all the crops grown across the globe. However, it accounts for a whopping 25% of total insecticides and 10% of total pesticides used! These chemicals can contaminate the environment around them, from the soil to the water to even the air.

The World Health Organization estimates that 20,000 people worldwide die each year due to accidental pesticide poisoning from conventional cotton farming. With pesticide residue being increasingly found in foods, farm animals, and even breast milk, there’s no telling how high that number will climb.

Organic cotton is grown without any pesticides or insecticides, which means that none of those harmful chemicals will get into the surrounding environment. Currently, only 1% of cotton is organically grown. By supporting organic cotton farmers, that percentage will increase, and the number of pesticides used for cotton will decrease — and that means we’ll have a happier, healthier planet.

2. Softer, Safer Clothing

Because organic cotton is grown without any pesticides, the cotton doesn’t retain any of those harmful chemicals. Traditionally-grown cotton can have trace amounts of pesticides that can irritate people with sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Even if you don’t have allergies, isn’t it nicer to know that your organic cotton clothing doesn’t have any weird chemicals in it?

While there’s no hard science to back it up, wearers of organic cotton clothing fervently attest that their clothes smell much nicer than clothing made with conventionally-farmed cotton. We’ll let you be the judge of that!

3. Improving the Lives of Cotton Farmers

To grow conventionally-farmed cotton, farmers have to expose themselves to all of the harmful insecticides and pesticides that the crop requires. Thousands of farmers succumb to illnesses related their exposure to these dangerous chemicals. Since organic cotton farming forgoes the use of insecticides and pesticides, that means the benefits of organic cotton extends to the health of its farmers.

If you’ve ever considered buying organic cotton clothing, there is no better time than right now. You’ll be doing the environment and yourself a big favor. Check out AlmaBoa’s entire range of organic cotton clothing for a new piece that’s fashionable and ethical.