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​Fashion resources you need to know about

Do you know #whomadeyourclothes?

This week is Fashion Revolution Week. Not familiar? Fashion Revolution is a global community for consumers and makers of clothing bringing awareness to the unethical practices of the industry through education and resources. The organization was launched on April 24th, 2013, the same day of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh.

Photo: Zakir Hossain Chowdhury/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The collapse in Dhaka was a result of poor corporate ethics and working conditions for thousands of garment workers, killing over 1100 people and injuring hundreds more. The tragedy inspired a movement of people who want more transparency from the the brands they buy from. The spark quickly grew to a global blaze of millions of people advocating for ethical and sustainable practices to be implemented into fashion brands across the world, and a need for measuring the impacts of the fashion industry on people and the planet.

Your journey to becoming a conscious consumer starts with having access to the right resources. In honor of this incredibly impactful week, we’ve put together a list of online resources to help you in your journey. Learn about the current innovation of the fashion industry, what “transparency” truly means in this context, and what to look for when choosing your next purchase.

Fashion Revolution Transparency Index

Fashion Revolution is the leading global advocacy platform for transparency and sustainability in the fashion industry, highlighting the importance of putting people and the planet first.

Aside from the awareness and advocacy they do through events and workshops, the platform also produces an annual report revealing updates in the industry. The index features ratings for 150 global fashion brands, reporting on their transparency in production, from sourcing textiles to the working conditions of their makers. The index is an excellent resource for understanding the importance of transparency and why consumers need to demand more from the brands they buy from.


Good on You

We’re big fans of Good on You (not to mention, they’re pretty big fans of us!). Good on You is an online platform that provides information and ratings for various fashion brands across the industry. The platform helps you, as the consumer, make smarter shopping choices by learning about the economic, social and environmental aspects of some of your favorite brands.

This featured post includes information on the popular, as well as more niche, certifications available in the fashion industry and what they mean. Empower the makers of your clothing by understanding how various certifications protect people, animals and the planet.


Eco Warrior Princess

This popular Australia-based blog, Eco Warrior Princess, led by Jennifer Nini, is a content platform providing education and resources on sustainable living. The platform features lifestyle, business, fashion, beauty and wellness topics, and has become well-known for its engaging content helping consumers make more conscious buying and lifestyle choices.

The platform has put together an excellent blog post listing online resources for learning about ethical fashion and social innovation. The post features 6 free online courses that range from 3 - 6 week sessions. Learn about the innovation of the fashion industry to how to take your first steps as a changemaker, using business for social, economic and environmental impact.