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5 Recycled Fashion Finds

Your recycled waste becomes fashion; did you ever think we’d get to such an exciting point in the industry? Growing up in Brazil, a country still struggling to manage its waste, we would have never thought that we could take the plastic bottles found in the streets, and recycled them into a soft shirt or a sleek pair of pants.

The fashion industry is in the top five for most polluting industries in the world, and we love this article from Ethical Unicorn giving us the facts. 

Think of this:

  • The gallons of water used to make fashion.
  • The incredible amounts of CO2 emissions released in the air from factories.
  • Every single piece of plastic packaging used to protect new fashion items from imperfections during transport.
  • The amount of oil and gas used to ship fashion from production countries like India, Bangladesh and Vietnam to the rest of the word.
  • The thousands of kgs of clothing ending up in landfills every few weeks (thanks to fast fashion creating new seasonal looks for all 52 weeks of the year!).

...how could or would it EVER be possible for mother earth to bare the load of damage the industry causes to her beautiful waters and soil on a daily basis?

Right now, we’re all about recycled. Our favorite fashion finds continue to inspire our work here at Alma Boa as we discover new, modern and unique pieces being created by passionate designers who put people and the planet first.

This month, we just had to share with you our five new favorites made from recycled materials such as plastic water bottles rescued from the ocean, and polyester that has been rerouted from the landfill and given a second life.

Check them out and shop below!

The Kora Dress - SKUNKFUNK

This versatile dress doubles as a jacket with the click of a few buttons. Made from recycled polyester and organic cotton, we can’t help but style this statement piece with just about everything in our fall wardrobe. Plus, the making of our KORA dress released 25% LESS CO2 compared to the industry standard. Talk about a breath of fresh air...literally!

Seven Crowns Hot Pants - Teeki

Finding the perfect pair of yoga pants is frustrating. You want something durable, opaque and comfy to actually sweat in. Teeki’s hot pants literally fit like a second skin, without showing it off. These beauties are made from recycled water bottles (polyethylene terephthalate) and use 90% less water in the production process compared to other industry finds.


Everyone needs a simple black tee. Why not make a statement with it? Throw this one on when you’re lounging at home, running errands or style it with jeans. This 100% recycled tee is made from plastic bottles recovered from the ocean and recycled cotton. Plus you can style is for the whole family, coming in a wide range of sizes. #familygoals

Printed Sports Bra - Air Fitness

Live in it and run in it. This chic sports bra is made using GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certified PET recycled polyester from used plastic bottles. In every yard of material, you’ll find between 6-8 bottles used! Chitosante is also used in the fabric, a 100% natural anti- microbial, bacterial, and fungal agent safe for you and the environment, so you don’t have to sweat ruining the fabric with smell or pit stains.

Leunda Pants - SKUNKFUNK

We’re all about statement pants, especially during fall. We’ve been waiting all summer to put our Leunda pants on from SKUNKFUNK, and my goodness they are the perfect combination of creative and urban style. Made from recycled polyester, wear your commitment to style and sustainability with pants perfect for day wear or a classy night on the town.