About Us

our mission

Alma Boa, meaning ‘good soul’, is the idea that drives our mission each and every day: to source socially conscious fashion, accessories, and home decor to support those who want to do good, from designers to artisans to consumers. Our social purpose products have a story to tell. Come be part of the narrative.


Our story 

Alma Boa Family - Renata, Felipe, Inca and Mandi

Alma Boa was founded in 2017 by two good souls themselves, Renata Helena Galleazzi and Felipe Freitas, partners in life and in social change. Their passion for living a minimalist lifestyle, where every purchasing decision is influenced by their love for humans, animals and mother earth, is how AlmaBoa came to be. The online boutique is a curated collection of eco-friendly and socially responsible brands that paint a beautiful picture for a more sustainable future, simply through how you vote with your dollar.

Discover socially conscious brands to add to your wardrobe, from fashion to accessories, or decorate your entire home while supporting artisans and human rights movements worldwide! Join our community. Feel good, look good and do good with Alma Boa.

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